Immermoed Boerboels


Immermoed Boerboels – My name is William Rope’m late 90s and fell for the Boerboel. In 2003 I got my first Boerboel and started breeding this beautiful South African breed.

Immermoed BoerboelsAs a child I grew up with dogs and thus has “dog” never let go of me and my love for this particular pet. Late 70s, when I went live just on myself, I bought my first dog, smooth-haired Fox Terrier. Pretty soon after that I started to show my dogs and I got a first litter. Here the base of my hobby was now already more than 30 years ago.

In 1982 I fell for the first time in the prices of one of my dogs and I proudly presented my first champion! Many championships including several world champions would follow the following years.

In 1986 I got my first Jack Russell terrier named Rusty. She eventually became the foundation of my kennel.Rusty has been at the root of many reputable kennels and bloodlines in the breed of Jack Russell Terriers.

You may now wonders where my passion for the Boerboel then comes from, as this is a significantly different type of dog than many terriers I’ve had more than 20 years. Except terriers I have long had a Rottweiler bitch than 10 years, named Amber. She was my everything and then literally everywhere. In my work, to the cafe or to the hairdresser … .Amber was there! So for that type of dog I was looking again.

In 1996 I met through a friend for the first time face to face with the Boerboel and was equally impressed with this beautiful, but most impressive dog. Through this friend I got my first Boerboel bitch, Siglensal Spice. My Boerboel kennel Ever Courage was born with this beautiful bitch.

I live in St. Annaparochie to Friesland and have next to my dog ​​hobby a job which combines well with the honden.Gelukkig there is a collaboration with Great Courage Boerboels in Smilde, which enables me to take care of the dogs optimally .

Obviously, I hope my website and the information on the website appeal to you! Everyone is welcome to take a look at our Boerboel kennel! We will tell you at length about the Boerboel and acquaint you obviously like in real life with this wonderful breed!

For questions and information or to make an appointment, you are welcome to contact us by phone at 06-2448 4444 (from 09.00 to 22.00)


Immermoed Boerboels